Jason D. Crowder

2018 Conference/Speaking Schedule

March 9-19, 2018. Tentatively in Nepal. More details to be forthcoming.

April 6-7, 2018. International Society of Christian Apologetics 2018 Conference at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Matthews, NC. Details forthcoming.

October 2018. Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers 2018 Conference at Wingate University in Wingate, NC. Details forthcoming.

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Have Dr. Crowder come and speak on a variety of topics.

 See the tabs below for a sampling of the topics that may be addressed at your events.

Experiencing Personal Renewal Living as a Christian in a Pagan Culture Religious Pluralism
Knowing and Doing God’s Will Avoiding Practical Atheism Do All Religions Lead to the Same Place?
Loving God with Your Mind The Centrality of Christ in the Believer’s Life What sort of Person Should I Be?
How Shall We Live? Meditation on 1 Peter 5:13-17 What Is Truth? The Jesus of the Bible
Introduction to Apologetics The Law of Non-Contradiction and Its Utmost Importance Is Christianity a Blind Faith?
Foundation for Knowing Things Understanding the New Testament as Inerrant and Infallible Scripture The Centrality of Christ in the Gospel and Apologetics
The Faith and Reason Relationship Developing a Biblical Worldview Telling the Truth about Truth
The Problem of Relativism and Pluralism Examing Other Worldviews Philosophy, Foe or Friend for the Christian?
How Theology Relies on Philosophy Say What? No, You Did Not Just Say That? Looking at Logical Fallacies Ideas Have Consequences
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