Jason D. Crowder


My journey as a follower of Christ began when I was young. I came to faith nearly two months before my fifth birthday in 1981. Thankfully, my parents raised me in a Christian home, which sufficiently impacted me coming to and surrendering to Christ at such a young age. After walking up to speak to the pastor at the end of a Sunday evening service, the pastor and his wife invited my family to continue to talk with him in their home.

The pastor wanted to make sure that I truly grasped what I was doing that evening. All of the specific details are foggy. But I vividly recall explaining to him about Christ’s atoning death to redeem individuals back into a right relationship with God. Naturally, I did not use theological terms during our conversation. It came clear to the pastor that I did understand what I was doing that evening as we talked.

Unfortunately, the pastor received a call to serve as pastor at another church before I was able to be baptized. It was a year later that I was baptized by the new pastor of the church since it took the church that long to call a new pastor.

My Christian walk has kept me from getting involved in many of the things that my friends got involved with in middle and high school. It was during these years that my faith began to develop into a personal quest for more knowledge and depth regarding my faith. Thankfully, God brought key individuals into my life who introduced me to the theology of Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin, along with the philosophical works of William Lane Craig, Norman L. Geisler, and J. P. Moreland, and Alvin Plantinga. This love for continual growth for a deeper understanding of the Christian faith continues to this day. I also strive to teach others what I learn and how they can apply the information to their daily lives.

During my freshman year of high school, I felt God’s calling on my life to go into the ministry but unclear at the time what area of ministry. I struggled with the calling for nearly a year with many long days and nights wrestling with God over it. At a youth conference held at Union University, I surrendered to God’s call to the ministry. I switched high schools shortly after that trip, which I was not keen on doing. I, however, did not have an option in the situation.

I soon realized that it was a wonderful move. I was able to assist a new friend start a chapter of Fellowship of Christian Students at the new high school and served as its vice-president for two years. During my last two years of high school, opportunities to do ministry at a Christian radio station and a Christian bookstore opened up for me in part-time work as a disc jockey and sales associate for the bookstore.

Upon graduation from high school, I attended the University of Mobile where I majored in religion and earned minors in English and psychology. My junior-senior year at the university I served as the president of the largest student organization on campus—the Ministerial Association. Additionally, I served on church staff at two churches in a youth minister role; I also had opportunities to represent the university at various speaking and preaching engagements. After completing my undergrad studies, I attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for grad school focusing my studies around theology. At this time, I had opportunities to fill the pulpit and serve as a lay minister.

Through a series of events, I continued to serve as a lay minister at various churches until today. After taking several years off from academic studies, I enrolled in a doctoral program at Columbia Evangelical Seminary at the recommendations of an undergrad professor and a handful of professors at Southern. I finished that program after five years of study with a Doctor of Theological Studies in philosophical theology and apologetics while working fifty hours a week during my pursuit of that degree. When I started my doctoral pursuit, I also joined the faculty of Columbia Evangelical Seminary. With my studies there, I have been able to get two research proposals accepted to pursue additional doctoral degrees in related fields of study, philosophy and dogmatics.

In January 2014, I joined the faculty of Butler Community College as an adjunct instructor of religion teaching Comparative Religions, New Testament, and Old Testament. In March 2016, my first monograph was published, and I have additional future publications in the works and recently came up with several titles to pursue as a series to follow-up with my first book. In March 2017, I was asked by the Executive Committee of the International Society of Christian Apologetics to become the Program Chairman for the organization, which I accepted.

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