Jason D. Crowder

Philosophy, Who Needs It? A Layman’s Introduction to Philosophy


Too often skeptics charge Christians having a blind faith. Unfortunately, believers have added fuel to the charges of skeptics by speaking of their faith illogically. But the Christian faith is not a blind faith. In fact, biblical faith is never a blind, irrational faith. Christianity rests firmly on the stone that was rejected by the builders, which has become the cornerstone—Jesus Christ (Acts 4:11). Living biblically requires thinking biblically, just as “to think biblically entails to live biblically” as Winfried Corduan notes in the Foreword.

As followers of Christ, believers cannot separate biblical thinking and biblical living. These two behaviors are eternally connected not only in the person of Jesus Christ, but they stem from the eternal being of God the Father and his eternal truth. Christ mandates that his followers love God with their entire being—heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30). How are believers to go about living out this biblical mandate? Christian faith is a warranted belief. This is why it is so essential that Christians recognize the value and importance of philosophy and its proper place in Christendom and in the Christian’s walk.

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Philosophy: Foe or Friend?


Christians do not always know how to respond to those who are interested in studying philosophy alongside theology. Some believers argue that philosophy is to be avoided at all costs. And there are others who advocate that philosophy, in general, is not Christianity’s foe. Rather, the body of Christ needs to see philosophy as a friend. What does the Word of God say about the matter?

This is what Jason D. Crowder examines briefly in this pamphlet for Sound Doctrine Ministries and explores in greater detail in his 2016 release of Philosophy, Who Needs It? A Layman’s Introduction to Philosophy with Wipf & Stock Publishers. As Crowder shows, there is no reason why Christians need to flee from all philosophy. In fact, the body of Christ can learn essential tools from philosophy that can aid in the proclamation of the gospel message.

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